BIG DADDY 150lb | Neodymium Fishing Magnet | 150lb Strength (68kg) | Big Rare Earth Magnet | Metal Hunting Magnet | Super Strong Reviews

BIG DADDY 150lb | Neodymium Fishing Magnet | 150lb Strength (68kg) | Big Rare Earth Magnet | Metal Hunting Magnet | Super Strong

BIG DADDY 150lb | Neodymium Fishing Magnet | 150lb Strength (68kg) | Big Rare Earth Magnet | Metal Hunting Magnet | Super Strong

  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY – Our powerful rare earth neodymium magnets can lift up to 150lbs (68kg)
  • ✅ RETRIEVE ITEMS – Lower the magnet down into the water or off the ledge to retrieve any lost items.
  • ✅ TREASURE HUNT – Find out what is at the bottom of the stream or lake. Drag the neodymium fishing magnet and see what you find! This magnetic portable tool you will want in your treasure hunting kit.
  • ✅ BUILT TO LAST – A countersunk hole and a durable eyebolt handle hook will let this fishing magnet take lots of abuse. It features a countersunk hole so the eyelet is fully secured. All our flat disc style neodymium fishing magnets are coated and built to stand the test of time.
  • ✅ BE CAREFUL – These large neodymium magnets are super strong and are NOT toys. Putting two magnet together is almost impossible to remove because of their huge strength. Keep neodymium magnets away from anyone with a pace-maker!

Super Strong Neodymium Fishing Magnet
This giant neodymium magnet is made with our high quality steel plate and coated with Nickel-Copper-Nickel for superb durability. Neodymium magnets are a great idea for river fishing, hanging baskets, or anything your mind can come up with.

Eyebolt Ring Handle
Attach any rope to the eyelet at the top of the round neodymium magnet and you can retrieve metal items from anywhere. Treasure hunting in lakes and rivers is what our customers tell us is the most fun. Salvage old items from the bottom of your pond.

Extremely powerful magnetic force
This fishing magnet is made up of a super strong neodymium magnet pad inside of a chrome plated steel cup that concentrates the magnetic force and gives this magnet an almost unrivaled holding power.

Colour: silver
Weight:0.4 ounces
Pulling Force: 150lbs(68KG)
Size: Diameter 1.9″
Package Includes: 1 X Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet with diameter of 1.9″

Warning: Please keep these fishing magnets away from children and items that may be sensitive to magnetic fields.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 12.49

Powerful Neodymium Disk Magnets – Mixed Pack of 10 Rare Earth Magnets – Permanent N52 Round Magnets for DIY, Fridge, Hanging – 1.26″Dx0.06″/0.08″/1/8″

  • POWERFUL & STRONG – Rare earth magnets have incredible hold power for such small size – from 8 to 20 lb per round magnet. No longer have to worry about anything falling off with your office magnets
  • VALUABLE PACK – Stop wasting money buying many packages! Refrigerator magnets set includes 10 strong magnetic discs with individual pulling force: 4 pcs – 8.37lbs, 4 pcs – 11.37 lbs, 2 pcs – 20.39lbs
  • MULTIPURPOSE USAGE – Use neodymium magnets wherever you need: hang your artworks and maps, for DIY and science projects, for home organizing and even for back pain relief through magnetic therapy
  • DURABLE COATING – N52 rare earth permanent disk magnets have Ni+Cu+Ni covering which provides superior rust resistant protection and smooth, shiny surface, assuring premium quality and longevity
  • 100% RISK FREE Buying neodymium magnets you don’t lose money because you’re covered by 100% Money Back Guarantee! Happy customer is our priority and we will send another set or return money if unhappy

Looking for high grade neodymium magnetic discs for DIY, arts, school and science projects? Do you want your things neatly hanging on their places? You’re looking for an interesting way to teach science to your kids? Or you do not want to buy many packages of rare earth magnets?

Your search of best permanent neodymium magnets for home is finally over! Here’s the mixed pack of 10 NdFeB powerful round magnets for multipurpose usage!

Each magnetic coin is made of high quality neodymium material which now is the strongest material commercially available. Moreover, these magnets for hanging have Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coating which provides corrosion resistance and shiny surface.

Still don’t know which size of magnets will be needed for your goals?
Stop guessing which size is right! Get set of 10 round industrial magnets with various pulling force. You receive 4 super magnets that can hold up to 8.37 lbs each, 4 fridge magnets – up to 11.37 lbs each, and 2 strong magnets that can hold up to 20.39 lbs each!

The uniqueness of raw earth magnets lies in the usage scope. Besides the perfect choice of keeping your bills and to-do lists on the fridge, these small neodymium magnets can be used at home for hanging arts, maps, kitchen utensils or spice jars. You can also apply N52 magnet circles for school science experiments, DIY projects and handmade production. You can even use these magnets for pain therapy in neck or back.

Moreover, with our neodymium magnets we offer 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee!

Neodymium round magnets mixed pack includes
– 4 units (1.26″ D x 0.06″ H)
– 4 units (1.26″ D x 0.08″ H)
– 2 units (1.26″ D x 1/8″ H)

Still doubt of buying Mixed Set of 10 Magnets? Do not hesitate to Click “Add to Cart” at the top of the page and get High Quality Craft Magnets directly to your doorstep in couple days!

List Price: $ 12.92

Price: $ 12.92

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