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Media Type: CD
Artist: KELLY,R.
Title: R.
Street Release Date: 11/10/1998
<Domestic or Import: Domestic
Genre: SOUL/R & BA double disc may seem indulgent after barely a decade in the biz, but after meandering through the commercial minefields of innocent fun (1992’s Born into the ’90s), pure raunch (1993’s 12 Play), and pop crossover (1995’s R. Kelly), Kelly has come close to the perfect mix–and if it takes two discs to do so, why not? There are still moments of indulgence (the forced theatrics of “The Opera”), and the occasional venture into mediocrity (“Did You Ever Think?”), but the sheer funk of tracks like “Home Alone” (a head-bobber featuring Keith Murray) and “Dollar Bill” (featuring–surprise!–Foxy Brown) allows you to overlook such cracks in the formula. Other bit players in this star vehicle include Cam’Ron, Noreaga, Jay-Z, Nas, and (yes) Celine Dion. –Rebecca Wallwork

List Price: $ 11.00

Price: $ 11.00

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